Kip - Wide Format

KIP is a leading global supplier of digital printing and scanning solutions for color and monochrome wide format documents. KIP offers an extensive product range that meets the ever-increasing demand for fast, high quality, cost effective reproduction. KIP advanced product technology leads the market in performance, reliability and value with an exceptional low cost of operation.

KIP is committed to product designs that promote environmental health and sustainability. Our goal is to improve the customer experience by integrating environmental considerations into our business strategy, resulting in superior products. Customers increasingly value environmental aspects of products, such as energy efficiency and emissions reduction. We differentiate our products by integrating such features to reduce total cost of ownership and deliver an improved user experience.

  • Black and white systems are 100% toner efficient, greatly reducing the cost of printing.
  • Industry leading low cost of ownership.
  • Zero wasted toner resulting in lower toner consumption.
  • Elimination of waste toner means no toner in landfills and a cleaner environment.
  • Employs fewer parts resulting in greater intervals between service calls.

KIP Finishers and Stackers


  • Ultra Quiet Operation
  • Stack Mixed-Size Sheets
  • Stackers for all Print Volumes
  • Compact Footprint

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KIP offers a range of finishing solutions designed to deliver print output just the way you want it. Consistent, accurate and reliable finishing products deliver maximum document control with minimum effort. KIPĀ“s wide range of advanced intelligent online stackers can be easily tailored to suit your exact needs, while maintaining the flexibility to grow as demands increase.

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